Researchers' Night 2017 @Pisa

September 29, 2017

The BRIGHT acronym means “Brilliant Researchers Impact on Growth Health and Trust in research”, wishing to underline the positive aspect of the research activity in order to convey a positive message to the general public.

The BRIGHT project aims at enhancing the visibility and perception of researchers among the general population in Tuscany, simultaneously with all the European Researchers’ Night (ERN) initiatives.

BRIGHT will bring the researchers in the squares and streets of the historical centres of the many cities invloved in the project, and will open the doors of the laboratories to the citizens. They will have a chance to talk to the researchers, appreciate their preparation and passion, and listen from their own words about the positive impact of the results of their research on the quality of our lives. “Researchers make your life better!” is the guiding principle stemming from the passion, the enthusiasm and hard intellectual work of researchers’ daily work and how this contributes to the wellbeing of the general population.

BRIGHT focuses on creating awareness on the important role played by researchers in addressing the great challenges ahead, such as health and wellbeing, new technologies, sustainable development, the physical and biological world, cultural heritage.

BRIGHT will be successful if it will be able to convince the population of the IMPACT of the researchers and the research products for the development of the society, enhancing the general TRUST in science: a particularly important target in a period in which too many hoaxes having no scientific basis are circulating.

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