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Zurich observational registry for rehabilitation outcomes an initiative of RITZ, the Rehabilitation Initiative and Technology Platform Zurich.
ZORRO is a population-based registry that tracks patients treated in the University Hospital Zurich for five years after stroke. ZORRO is used to recruit to trials investigating new rehabilitation therapies that were developed in collaboration with ETH Zurich.

Natural Machine

Natural Motion Machine Initiative
Natural Motion Machine Initiative (NMMI) is a community tool built, used, and maintained by researchers, industrial partners and enthusiasts to support the philosophy of a joint and open development of Natural Motion.

The Hand Corpus

The HandCorpus is an open access repository for sharing and retrieving human and robot hand data. It was originally created within the European Project The Hand Embodied, with the objective of making data collections and analyses about human hand publicly available, and now it is sponsored and supported by many other important European Projects and international research groups.